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Jason Ware, Ph.D.

Jason Ware is a Clinical Associate Professor in Purdue University's Honors College. He centers community well-being in his research, and investigates the impact and educational effect of developing quality-of-life indicators with communities at the neighborhood and institutional level. Jason's research also includes exploring the effect of undergraduate research on students' ability to think analytically as well as their propensity to address problems from varying disciplinary perspectives.

What I Do


My engagement involves collaborating with city officials, non-profit organizations, and local residents, all within the city of Lafayette Indiana, to measure and impact positively community, social, and physical well-being.


Most of my recent scholarship is focused on three areas of well-being: 1) community, 2) social, and 3) physical. I pursue these lines of inquiry through my service-learning courses and my research groups, and translate the results and tools that come from this research into resources for my community partners—which is to say, my research links directly to my engagement.


I prioritize creating interdisciplinary learning environments that address students' psychological needs related to learning by providing choices within learning structures, fostering students' relatedness to course content and to each other, and structuring skill applications that enhance students' competencies in specific areas such as analytical thinking, collaborative problem-solving, research design and development, service-learning, and civic engagement.


I spend at least 10 hours each week (over 1920 hours to date) as a mentor engaged in various activities with students such as: undergraduate scholar development, complimentary piano lessons, a literary society, learning programming languages, study breaks, early morning walks, launching an Honors College and Residences annual publication via the Purdue Press, and more.


Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Purdue University

Master of Science in Education

Purdue University

Bachelor of Science in Technology

Purdue University


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